Annular solar eclipse may 20 2012

annular eclipse may 2012

May 20 2012 annular eclipse is completely different from solar eclipse.In solar eclipse the sun will go completely under the sun.During the annular solar eclipse, the moon will cover 90% of sun, so the sun is not fully covered by the moon.Because of this we can able to see the ring of fire around sun ie) the edge of the sun is visible like a bright ring around the moon.

The may 2012 annular eclipse will come to view in different time in different location.On may 20 2012,during sunset the people in western U.S. and Canada will see the annular eclipse. On may 21 2012,during sun rise the people in eastern Asia can view the annular eclipse. Some part of U.S people can able to view partial eclipse only.But people in northern California through western Texas see the amazing annular eclipse.In this may 20 2012 solar eclipse, the moon will cover the sun nearly 94%.The U.S people has not view the annular eclipse since 1994.The next annular eclipse will happen sometimes in 2020.

Astronomers suggest some times the climate issue will arise, so try to see the sky with concentration to watch atleast part of the annular eclipse.

Dont see the sun with naked eyes and dont use standard sunglasses. It will cause lose of sight.The Astronomers suggest, to get telescopes or binoculars with proper filters.You can buy solar filters from shops and apply over your telescope, glasses or other tools. You can use No.14 welder’s glass to watch the annular eclipse.It is available in hardware stores.

annular solar eclipse may 21 2012

solar eclipse 2012

clear annular eclipse 2012

solar eclipse image

annular eclipse image

annular eclipse in america may 21 2012

annular eclipse in u.s may 21 2012

solar eclipse in may 21 2012

annular eclipse may 2012

solar eclipse may 2012

ring around sun

complete annular solar eclipse may 21 2012

full solar eclipse image 2012


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